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Free-Market Prescription Drug Solutions Draw Broad, Bipartisan Support

Opponents of government-imposed price controls and rationing in Medicare can confidently offer alternative solutions for prescription drug access that have strong, bipartisan support.

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Gallup: US Economic Confidence Falls for First Time Since October

A recent Gallup poll shows a decline of nine points in their Economic Confidence Index, the first decline in seven months.

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More Expect Health Care and Other Essentials to Become More Expensive Under Biden than Under Trump

The results show that even on health care, on which Democrats tend to perform better than Republicans in polls, Biden is branded with higher costs and inflation.

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Most Say Trump and Republicans Oppose Senate Immigration Bill on its Merits

Advocates for border security can confidently make the case that the Senate immigration bill was inadequate, harmful, and should not have been passed.

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Most Americans Support Banning TikTok But Gen Z Opposed

Analyzing support for a forced sale of TikTok and top concerns about the Chinese owned company.

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Strong Support for Allowing Local Police to Arrest Illegal Immigrants

Americans strongly support empowering – and even requiring – local law enforcement to combat illegal immigration.  

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