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Campus Protests May Be Backfiring

Public opinion is firmly against the campus protesters opposing the Israel-Hamas war and there are signs that they are producing a backlash.

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1-in-5 of Biden Voters Less Likely to Vote for Him Again Due to Israel-Hamas War

21% of Americans who voted for Joe Biden in 2020 say they’re less likely to vote for him in November because of the job he is doing on the Israel-Hamas war. This includes 7% who say they’re “much less likely” to vote for him.

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Eliminating the Middleman in Health Care

Most Americans say middlemen – including health insurance companies and the government – make health care more expensive.

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Free-Market Prescription Drug Solutions Draw Broad, Bipartisan Support

Opponents of government-imposed price controls and rationing in Medicare can confidently offer alternative solutions for prescription drug access that have strong, bipartisan support.

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Gallup: US Economic Confidence Falls for First Time Since October

A recent Gallup poll shows a decline of nine points in their Economic Confidence Index, the first decline in seven months.

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More Expect Health Care and Other Essentials to Become More Expensive Under Biden than Under Trump

The results show that even on health care, on which Democrats tend to perform better than Republicans in polls, Biden is branded with higher costs and inflation.

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