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Restrictions on AI Development and the Chinese Threat

Americans are concerned by the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence, but are also worried about China outpacing the United States.

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Most Say China is Responsible for Fentanyl Drug Overdoses

A hypothetical ballot test reveals failure to act against China for its role in the fentanyl crisis drives support away from Democratic candidates.

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Most Voters Support Prohibiting Tax Dollars from Paying for Gender Reassignment Surgery

The results reveal a potential wedge issue that could drive voters away from candidates that support requiring taxpayer-funded health care plans from covering gender affirming care.

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Impact of Potential TikTok Ban on Gen Z’s support for Joe Biden

Fifty-five percent of Gen Z voters oppose legislation signed by President Biden that would ban TikTok in the United States unless it is sold to a U.S. company.

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Poll: Hard Line Immigration Stance a Liability with Latinos…for Democrats

More Americans Say Border Crisis Being Done Deliberately

Half of all voters say Joe Biden and the Democrats are letting in illegal immigrants in hopes they will vote for Democrats.

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Statue of blindfolded woman holding scales of justice

The Judge’s Daughter and Other Most Concerning Facts about the Trump Trial

More than 6-in-10 Americans find key facts about the trial of Trump in New York City concerning and most say that the purpose of the indictments against Trump is to prevent him from becoming president again.

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