65% More Interested in Economic Issues More Than Cultural Issues | Scott Rasmussen

Sixty-five percent (65%) of voters are more interested in economic issues than cultural issues. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 19% take the opposite view and 16% are not sure.

Most voters (55%) also believe that Republican politicians and activists are more interested in economic issues. Only 21% believe the GOP has more interest in cultural issues.

However, when it comes to Democratic politicians and activists, voters are evenly divided. Thirty-eight percent (38%) believe those in President Biden’s party are more interested in cultural issues. Thirty-seven percent (37%) think economic issues are the top priority for Democrats.

Independent voters, by a 38% to 29% margin, tend to see Democrats as more interested in cultural issues. These unaffiliated voters see Republicans as primarily interested in economic issues by a 47% to 17% margin.