70% believe time to accept Covid and move on; Americans losing faith in federal and public health agencies

As the Omicron variant begins to subside nationally, coupled with stark and glaring revelations about the role of public health and federal government officials in misleading the country, the mood of the nation has dramatically shifted from the start of the pandemic. 

New research from Monmouth University sheds a light on this shift, showing widespread exhaustion and frustration with the pandemic and the federal bureaucracy’s response to it. 

Their new poll asked Americans whether they agreed with the sentiment that “it’s time we accept that Covid is here to stay, and we just need to get on with our lives.” 70% of those surveyed agreed, including 89% of Republicans and 71% of independents. Only 49% of Democrats agreed. In addition, only 34% believing that the pandemic will be brought under control within the end of the year – a marked decline from 68% this time last year.  

The number of Americans who support mask and social distance mandates has dropped to 52% from 63% in September, despite the Omicron variant surge. Support for having to show proof of vaccination in order to go to office settings or public areas has also declined, falling to 43% from 53% in September.  

Finally, there is a growing consensus that both President Biden and public health agencies are handling the pandemic poorly, with approval of both at new lows since Biden was inaugurated in January 2021. A record high 53% of Americans say President Biden is doing a bad job, with just 43% approving. Meanwhile, 47% say public health agencies are doing a bad job, with just 46% approving – the first time both have been at net disapproval.