A Majority of Americans Prefer Gas-Powered Vehicles 

A majority of voters prefer a gas-powered vehicle over a comparable electric one that uses no gas and costs $10,000 more.

WHY IT MATTERS– President Biden and many Democrat-led states have proposed regulations that would limit the sale of gas-powered vehicles, but there is little evidence that these measures have public support. 

GAS OR ELECTRIC? – A recent Scott Rasmussen national survey asked Americans if they would prefer to purchase a traditional gas-powered vehicle, or an electric vehicle of the same size that used no gas, but cost $10,000 more.

  • 66 percent The traditional gas-powered vehicle
  • 23 percent The electric vehicle
  • 11 percent Not sure

NO MORE GAS? – The poll asked Americans if they favored or opposed the idea of government officials working to develop regulations that would effectively outlaw the manufacture and sale of gas-powered cars.

  • 14 percent Strongly favor
  • 20 percent Somewhat favor
  • 19 percent Somewhat oppose
  • 40 percent Strongly oppose
  • 7 percent Not sure

DO WE HAVE ENOUGH POWER? – The poll asked Americans if in seven years, half of all new cars sold are electric, do they believe the U.S. power grid will be able to produce enough electricity to power all of the electric vehicles?

  • 30 percent Yes 
  • 47 percent No
  • 23 percent Not sure

BOTTOM LINE– A majority of Americans prefer gas-powered vehicles over electric ones and oppose the idea of banning cars that run on gasoline. Many are skeptical about the feasibility of powering half of all new cars with electricity in seven years.


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