A Majority of Voters Believe Homeschooling is a Good Option

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, American schools have pivoted between remote, hybrid, and in-person instruction for students. This inconsistency has hurt children, especially elementary-aged students who have struggled to master fundamental concepts. School closures and various mandates have inspired many parents to consider alternative options such as homeschooling and private education.  

There is a strong American Majority who believe homeschooling is a good option for parents who have the time and ability to provide it. A recent Rasmussen poll of 1,200 registered voters found that 73 percent of American voters support homeschooling. This sentiment was shared by independent and Democrat voters who support homeschooling – 74 percent and 68 percent, respectively. 

This survey also found that 62 percent of voters believe that private schools provide a better education than public schools.