America's New Majority Project is committed to helping a wide range of Americans — Republicans, Democrats, and Independents — find common ground to solve the extraordinary challenges threatening American prosperity, safety and freedom.

The current political system with its entrenched bureaucratic systems and its shallow, trivializing news media is incapable of finding and implementing solutions on the scale of those threatening America.

The bitter partisan divisions and short time horizons of most politicians have made it virtually impossible to understand the scale of the challenges and dangers or to develop solutions large enough and strong enough to save our freedom, ensure our prosperity and protect our country and our communities.

America's New Majority Project is dedicated to:

  1. Listen to the American people and find the values and issues which could bring together a very large governing majority capable of maintaining a stable government long enough to modernize the entire system so it can meet any foreign or domestic threat;
  1. Find and communicate the solutions emerging from governors, local governments, and experts in think tanks, universities, and on Capitol Hill;
  1. Define clearly and decisively the failures of Big Government Socialism and communicate the analysis and the language that is effective to everyone who wants to defeat the system which is failing us.;
  1. Work with everyone who is worried about America’s future and build the broadest possible coalition for a free, safe, prosperous America, with an emphasis on finding minority leaders and voters who have come to realize that the current system simply isn’t working for them;
  1. Learn and evolve as the situation changes and the arguments change and work to develop better answers and language throughout 2022-2026 so a stable governing system can grow into replacing the FDR-New Deal coalition after nearly a century of its dominance.