America “out of control?”: Voters say yes

A majority of Americans now describe the current national situation as “out of control.”

According to a new CBS News-YouGov poll, 79 percent of Americans polled believed things are “out of control” in the country while only 21 percent believe things are “under control.”

WHY IT MATTERS—The American people are displeased with the country’s trajectory, particularly the direction it has taken under the current administration.

THE POLL’S INTRIGUING DISCOVERIES—How Americans view various issues as demonstrated by the following questions:

  • How they feel about the state of the U.S. today—73 percent say things are going badly; 36 percent said things are going well
    • Based on political party lines, 48 percent of Democratic respondents said things are going well while only 12 percent of Republicans agree
  • How they feel about President Biden—56 percent disapprove of the job he is doing; 44 percent approve
  • If a functioning democracy is their biggest concern—63 percent of Democrats said “yes”; 29 percent of Republicans agree
  • If a strong economy is their biggest concern—21 percent of Democrats said “yes”; 70 percent of Republicans agree

THE OUTCOME—Taken about a week before the midterm elections, the results of this poll exemplify the displeasure of the American people with current officials’ political positions and policies.

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