Americans Agree: Limiting Federal Spending and Balancing the Budget will Reduce Inflation

The American Majority Project continues to identify issues that a majority of Americans agree on and to develop effective solutions to respond to the challenges we face as a country.

Inflation is a top concern for most Americans today, and our latest polling shows that Americans agree that limiting federal spending and balancing the budget will reduce inflation.

Last month, we conducted in depth focus groups with swing voters to better understand their beliefs about the need to return to a balanced budget.

We found that balancing the budget was seen as more than economically beneficial. Many voters believe that requiring Congress to balance the budget will force Congress to set priorities, reduce waste and corruption, and spur investment in our economy. You can read our full report here.

Finally, in addition to conducting our own research, we continue to compile and share polling conducted by others. Recent updates include voter opinions on immigration, homeschooling, and free speech.

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Newt Gingrich