Americans Consider China a Major Economic Threat

Most Americans consider China a serious economic and military threat to the United States.  

WHY IT MATTERS The relationship between the United States and China has worsened over the years, putting a strain on the once-promising diplomatic alliance between the world’s two largest economies and causing concerns about a future military or economic confrontation. 

  • China has also emerged as a topic of bipartisan cooperation in Congress.  

CHINA VIEWS TRACKED Economist/YouGov has been tracking American’s perception of China since 2018. Its recent poll showed how much China’s favorability has slipped to date.   

  • 40 percent view China as an enemy of the United States, double the number since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  
  • 65 percent say China is at least a somewhat serious economic threat to the United States. 
  • 57 percent say China is at least a somewhat serious military threat to the United States 
  • 45 percent say they feel threatened by China as a world superpower, including 60 percent of Republicans.  
  • 44 percent (a plurality) say the U.S.’s and China’s interest contradict fundamentally.  

BOTTOM LINE Americans are becoming more skeptical that a close relationship with China is in American interests.