Americans Have Growing Concerns About China

Americans continue to view China as a source of concern, though there has been a shift since March in what is seen as the most serious problems.  

The partnership between China and Russia is seen as a “very serious” problem for the United States by 57 percent of Americans according to a Gallup survey of over 5,000 Americans conducted from October 10-16.  

  • This was the top concern in March as well (shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine). However, the percentage of Americans viewing it as a very serious problem has dropped 5 points.  

Meanwhile, 50 percent of Americans view China’s military power as a very serious problem for the United States. This is an increase of seven points from the 43 percent who saw it as very serious in March.  

Economic competition with China also jumped in importance according to Americans, with 41 percent viewing it as a very serious problem, up six points from 35 percent in March.  

Tensions between China and Taiwan are also seen as a more serious problem for the United States, increasing to 43 percent from 35 percent in March.  

  • This increase comes after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s August visit to Taiwan. Notably, when asked if the U.S. should continue political visits to Taiwan, a majority of Americans responded affirmatively.  

China’s policies on human rights are seen as a serious concern by 41% of Americans, however that number is unchanged since March.  

Gallup also asked Americans how concerned they were with President Xi assuming a third term. Respondents didn’t express as much concern with Xi continuing to remain in power, with just 30 percent ranking it as a very serous problem for the United States.  

With Americans watching the situation in China, the Biden Administration may want to tread carefully in any upcoming foreign policy maneuvers.