Americans Lack Confidence in the Economy 

Most Americans blame inflation

Many Americans still struggle with worsening economic conditions. 

WHY IT MATTERS – Poor economic conditions will be a main point of contention in the presidential race. 

THE NUMBERS – A CNN poll from Jan. 25 – Jan. 30, asked Americans their opinions on the economy. It revealed only 26% of Americans see the economy “starting to recover” and 48% believe it still “remains in a downturn.” 

The poll further revealed a stark partisan divide. 

49% of Democrats believe the economy is recovering, compared to just 6% of Republicans and 24% of swing voters. 

Overall, 42% of Americans feel financially worse than a year ago, 37% see no change, and only 20% say they are better off. 

THE BOTTOM LINE – Most Americans hold a negative view of the economy. 

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