Americans Prefer Protecting Taiwan Over Good Relations with China

More Americans favor taking a firm stance to safeguard Taiwan rather than prioritizing positive relations with China. 

  • 51 percent of Americans believe “taking a strong stand so that China does not take over Taiwan by force” is more important than “the U.S. maintaining good relations with China.”  

WHY IT MATTERS – Congress recently established a new select committee to address issues concerning U.S. China relations, with plans for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to visit Taiwan.  

PROTECTION FOR TAIWAN – A recent YouGov poll asked if Americans believe that the United States should provide military assistance to protect Taiwan against China in the event of an armed conflict. 

  • 37 percent – believe the U.S. should help protect Taiwan with military force 
  • 22 percent – believe the U.S. should maintain good relations with China 

The poll asked Americans how much they knew about relations between China and Taiwan. 

  • 63 percent– A lot  
  • 33 percent– A little  
  • 13 percent– Nothing at all  

FRIEND OR FOE – The YouGov poll also asked Americans if they view China as an ally or an enemy.  

  • Two in five Americans view China as an Enemy  

BOTTOM LINE – More than half of Americans prioritize preventing China from forcibly taking over Taiwan over maintaining positive relations with China. 


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