Americans Strongly Favor Domestic Mining of Strategic Minerals

Concerns over China dominating the supply of precious minerals, such as silicon, drive support for American self-reliance through more domestic mining.  

WHY IT MATTERS – China is currently the world’s dominant mining country and produces 10 times more silicon than any other nation.   

  • The U.S. has domestic deposits of strategic minerals but is blocked from mining them due to environmental concerns.  

CHINA DEPENDENT – The survey asked participants if they were “worried that the United States and other nations are dependent on China for the silicon needed for cell phones, electric vehicles, laptops, and other technologies.” 

  • 34 percent – Very worried 
  • 46 percent – Somewhat worried 
  • 13 percent – Not very worried 
  • 2 percent – Not at all worried 
  • 5 percent – Not sure 

UNUSED RESOURCES – The United States has vast deposits of precious minerals that are not mined and refined.  Participants were asked if they would be in favor of a proposal to make the United States self-reliant by dramatically increasing the mining of these precious mineral reserves. 

  • 38 percent – Strongly favor 
  • 38 percent – Somewhat favor 
  • 10 percent – Somewhat oppose 
  • 2 percent – Strongly oppose 
  • 11 percent – Not sure 

The survey asked the same question again after informing participants that that environmental groups oppose more domestic mining. It made little difference in support.  

BOTTOM LINE – Mining on U.S. soil has bipartisan support to ensure self-reliance and end dependency on precious minerals from our adversaries.