Americans Strongly Support Free-Market Supply Side Policies to Combat Inflation

Lowering spending and reducing business taxes on energy companies favored policies to reduce inflation.

With inflation at a high of 7% and polling showing an increasing prioritization of it among voters in the months leading up to the midterms, the need to find smart solutions to solve this issue is high.  

But as a new Kudlow/TIPP Poll found, not every solution is supported equally by the American public. The poll asked over a thousand Americans what could the government do to reduce inflation, allowing participants to select multiple options.  The most popular strategy by far, with 42% selecting it, was that the government should reduce spending to combat inflation, in stark contrast to Democratic legislation efforts this year. This was the most popular policy choice for Republicans (63%) and Independents (43%), and the second most popular choice for Democrats at 31%. The most popular choice for Democrats at 36%, and more broadly the second most common answer at 31%, was the imposition of price controls. 

This was followed by nearly one fourth of Americans (24%) favoring lowering business taxes, and another 23% supporting the repealing of recent regulations on business, particularly those affecting energy companies. 19% of those polled believed that the Federal reserve should stop printing money, with 18% also favoring the imposition of wage controls. Finally, 18% were not entirely sure what to do, and 10% believed nothing could be done.