Americans Want More Oil Production

Americans overwhelmingly prefer policies that incentivize oil drilling over policies that restrict fossil fuel development.   

WHY IT MATTERS: The price of gasoline – particularly diesel – is a major source of inflation for nearly all goods and services. Reported recently by Bloomberg, “almost every region of the planet will face a danger of a diesel shortage.”   

THE STATS: A poll conducted by I&I/TIPP Poll gave U.S. adults four options to choose from for what government should do to address the diesel fuel shortage.  

  • 39 percent – More drilling and refining of oil to boost diesel and other fuel supplies  
  • 36 percent – Return to the rules and standards for energy and production that prevailed in 2020 
  • 25 percent – Tax oil companies if they don’t produce more oil 
  • 22 percent – Keep imposing strict limits on carbon-based fuels to reduce climate change 
  • 3 percent – Nothing 
  • 22 percent – Don’t Know 

ZOOM OUT: Since President Joe Biden took office, diesel prices have risen 94 percent from just $2.69 a gallon to $5.23 a gallon as of Nov. 21.   

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