Americans want spending cuts with any debt ceiling increase

Seventy three percent of Americans consider it very or somewhat “reasonable” to cut future spending at the same time as raising the debt ceiling.  

WHY IT MATTERS – The Biden administration and most Democrats are insisting on a so-called “clean” debt ceiling increase not tied to any spending cuts or reforms.  

  • Fewer than one-in-four Americans support this position  

REASONABLE COMPROMISE – A Scott Rasmussen National poll asked participants if in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, it is reasonable to cut future spending at the same time.  

  • 36 percent – Very reasonable 
  • 37 percent – Somewhat reasonable 
  • 9 percent – Not very reasonable 
  • 7 percent – Not at all reasonable 
  • 10 percent – Not sure 

Those saying it was very or somewhat reasonable included 80 percent of Democrats and 71 percent of Republicans.  

  • The strong results also echo public sentiment that seeks more compromise in Congress.  

MODEST IMPACT FROM PARTY ID – The survey also asked a similar question, but this time describing the cuts as a “Republican” plan for “modest cuts in government spending for all federal agencies.” While support dropped, it still maintained overall majority favorability.  

  • 26 percent – Strongly favor  
  • 36 percent – Somewhat favor 
  • 14 percent – Somewhat oppose 
  • 12 percent – Strongly oppose 
  • 12 percent – Not sure 

Eighty percent of Republicans, 61 percent of Independents, and 43 percent of Democrats supported this Republican plan.  

BOTTOM LINE – A Republican message focusing on modest spending cuts in exchange for any debt ceiling increase will be supported by a large majority of Americans.