Americans: Woke Politicians to Blame for America’s Rising Crime

A new Harvard-Harris poll shows who Americans blame for rising crime.  

The poll asked voters, “Do you think the increase in crime is the fault of woke politicians or other factors?” An American majority, 64 percent, blame woke politicians for rising crime. Only 36 percent of voters view other factors as the cause.  

  • 75 percent of GOP, 60 percent of Independents  cited woke politicians as at fault.  
  • Even 52 percent of Democrats blamed woke politicians.  
  • 48 percent of Democrats, 40 percent of Independent and 25 percent of GOP voters blamed other factors were causing rising crime.  

Overall, 67 percent of voters feel less safe than two years ago which is why the topic of crime is so important during the 2022 midterm elections.