Bipartisan Agreement on More Personal Data Protections

Many potential tech regulations are supported by a large majority of Americans, including many Republicans and Democrats.  

  • The most popular regulations focus on giving consumers more control over their personal data. 

WHY IT MATTERS – Tech regulation could be a potential area for the Republican House and Democrat Senate and White House to work together.    

REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS AGREE – A recent YouGov poll asked Americans about 30 potential tech regulation policies. A majority of Democrats and Republicans supported 29 of them. Some of the highest performing included: 

Requiring companies to promptly notify users in the event of a data breach involving their personal data 

  • 81 percent– Support  
  • 11 percent– Oppose  

Requiring companies to allow users to opt out of targeted advertising 

  • 80 percent – Support 
  • 11 percent – Oppose 

Implementing a “digital privacy bill of rights” to protect personal data and privacy online 

  • 80 percent– Support  
  • 10 percent– Oppose  

Regulating the collection and use of children’s personal data online 

  • 76 percent–Support 
  • 15 percent–Oppose 

INCENTIVES: A SOLUTION? – YouGov poll also asked Americans if they support providing tax incentives for companies that invest in data privacy and security measures. 

  • 59 percent–Support 
  • 19 percent– Oppose  

Those in support include 67 percent of Democrats and 57 percent of Republicans.   

FACIAL RECOGNITION: LESS AGREEMENT – The one proposed solution that did not receive bipartisan majority support was banning the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement agencies. 

  • 50 percent of Democrats – Support 
  • 40 percent of Republicans – Support 

BOTTOM LINE– Americans tend to support regulations that provide them with more control over their personal information, including the ability to download, edit, and remove it. 


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