Can the GOP Budget “Reverse the Curse”?

The House GOP budget plan contains policies supported by large, bipartisan majorities, but credibility is an obstacle.

Many policies found in the House Republican “Reverse the Curse” budget plan are supported by 2/3 of all voters, including undecided and Democrat-leaning voters key to creating an America’s New Majority coalition.

CREDIBILITY GAP – However, most voters say these policies are unlikely to get done, pointing to a credibility gap between GOP policies and voter perceptions on the GOP’s ability to deliver.

WHY IT MATTERS – Passing a conservative budget filled with popular policies like those in the “Reverse the Curse” budget plan would be a way to restore some credibility.

  • Of course, House Republicans must sort out their leadership first.

HOW TO USE THIS DATA – This report provides insight into what policies in the House GOP “Reverse the Curse” budget plan are most popular and should be emphasized in communications with voters.

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Fighting inflation resonates more than balancing the budget.
  • 64% of voters say they have heard “nothing” about the Republican “Reverse the Curse” budget plan. 21% say they have heard “a little,” while just 16% say they have heard “a lot” or “some.”
  • Describing the House GOP budget as a plan to fight inflation and grow the economy gets more support (68%) than describing it as a plan to cut spending and balance the budget (62%).
  • Almost all the additional 6% in support comes from voters in America’s New Majority.  
Policies that strengthen Medicare, grow the economy, secure the border, protect social security and Medicare, and lower prices are the most popular in the budget plan.
  • At least two-in-three voters support many policies included in the House GOP “Reverse the Curse” budget plan.
  • This includes two-thirds support from undecided and Democrat-leaning voters who are key to building an America’s New Majority coalition.
  • Voters most support policies that strengthen Medicare without cutting benefits (78%) and prevent scheduled tax increases (77%).
  • Support for policies that secure the border (73%), create a bipartisan fiscal commission to fix entitlements (72%), fair trade (72%), and strengthen work requirements (71%) is also strong.
The biggest challenge for the GOP is convincing voters these popular policies can get done.
  • Despite the popularity of these policies, most voters do not believe they can get done.
  • Policies seen as most likely to get done are those that fully equip the border patrol (42%), strengthen work requirements for welfare (41%) and repeal student loan bailouts (41%).
  • Policies seen as least likely to get done are those that cut spending and balance the budget (27%) – including just 33% of Republicans.
  • The policies with the best combination of popularity and plausibility are those strengthening the economy, lowering prices, securing the border and strengthening entitlements.