CNSNEWS | WV Voters Side with Manchin Against Dems’ ‘Build Back Better;’ 68% of Hispanics Say It’d Encourage Illegal Immigration

Voters in West Virginia, especially Hispanics, overwhelmingly side with their Democrat Senator Joe Manchin in opposing Democrats’ “Build Back Better” legislation – and they’re especially opposed to its provision granting amnesty and work permits to eight million more illegal immigrants, a new Rasmussen-Numbers USA survey finds.

In a survey of 1,077 West Virginia likely voters, conducted November 16 and 17, Rasmussen asked:

“In general, do you support or oppose the Build Back Better legislation?”

By a two-to-one margin, voters oppose (55%), rather than support (28%) the plan. Another 17% aren’t sure.

The opposition is even greater among Hispanic voters in the state, by more than a three-to-one margin (71%-20%). Black (59%) and other non-white (71%) voters are also against “Build Back Better.”

And, when asked specifically about a provision granting “10-year amnesty for illegal immigrants in the Build Back Better Bill,” voters’ opposition is higher still.