Concerns About Artificial Intelligence on the Rise

A poll finds a 14-point jump in Americans who are more concerned than excited about Artificial Intelligence since December 2022

An increasing majority of Americans express great concern about the growing use of Artificial Intelligence in daily life.

WHY IT MATTERS – The findings suggest AI policies that address privacy and other concerns could draw bipartisan support.

THE NUMBERS – A Pew Research Center survey asked Americans whether they are more excited or concerned about the growing use of AI in daily life. 

  • 52% of Americans feel more concerned than excited, up from 38% in December 2022. 
  • Only 10% express more excitement than concern, while 36% express mixed emotions.

Adults who express more concern than excitement towards AI differ particularly by age:

  • 61 percent – Adults 65 and over 
  • 42 percent – Adults 18 to 29 

Adults who are either very familiar (33 percent) or slightly familiar (56 percent) with AI are increasingly likely to express greater concern than excitement:

  • 47 percent, up from 31 percent in December 2022 – Very familiar with AI
  • 58 percent, up from 39 percent in December 2022 – Slightly familiar with AI

Opinions about AI use vary slightly. However, most Americans believe that AI harms privacy and weakens protections for personal information:

  • 53 percent – Believe AI threatens privacy
  • 10 percent – Believe AI helps more than hurts privacy
  • 37 percent – Uncertain

Public perception of AI is still developing as many Americans (35% to 49%) are unsure of its capabilities.

THE BOTTOM LINE – A notable and increasing segment of the American population is concerned about the potential adverse impacts of AI on their privacy.

GO DEEPER – Growing public concern about the role of artificial intelligence in daily life