Newt Gingrich: Make Democrats own socialist brand ahead of 2022 midterm elections | Just the News

Gingrich also went on to lay out how Republicans can discuss certain issues in a winning manner, specifically on the topic of the economy. 

“We discovered, partly with Larry Kudlow’s help, he came up with the term free-market capitalism. And we then developed as a counterpoint, big government socialism. And it turned out…you need all six words, capitalism versus socialism. Capitalism wins, but not by a decisive margin. But if it’s free-market capitalism versus big government socialism, it’s a 59 to 16 issue,” said the former House Speaker. 

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Sen. Roger Marshall: American workers vs. socialist state – how long can we expect them to carry the load? | Fox News

In a midsized warehouse along the Kansas-Missouri border, a hard reality hit home. There, workers, exhausted after working 10- to 12-hour shifts six days a week, said to me “We need help. Why are you paying people so much to stay at home? It’s not fair, it’s not what this country is about.”  

This message was as profound as it was saddening. As someone who has long railed against the burden of government taxes and regulation, it was these workers who exposed the danger of federal spending. 

With the government giving people the same money they used to get from a job, people don’t have to work to get things they used to get. Not only do the rest have to work harder, but their hard-earned money no longer works as hard for them.