Democrats Losing Support Among Black, Hispanic, and Young Americans  

2023 finds Democrats in a weak position among people of color and young adults 

Democratic support among black and Hispanic Americans has plummeted in the past three years, marking the steepest decline this century. 

WHY IT MATTERS – Dwindling Democrat support suggests potential changes in voting patterns for the upcoming presidential election.

THE NUMBERS – A 2023 Gallup poll asked black and Hispanic Americans about their preferred political party. The poll shows that the Democrat Party’s lead over Republicans among black Americans dropped by nearly 20% in three years, hitting a new low since 1999. 

The poll also showed Democrats with only a 12-point advantage over Republicans among Hispanics, marking the lowest support since 2011. 

This data shows a consistent trend of declining overall Democratic support, with Democrats leading Republicans by just 8 points among adults aged 18-29, the lowest since 2005.  

Since 2022, Republicans lead Democrats across all other age groups. 

Democrats barely counter these trends by continuously gaining support from postgraduate adults. 

THE BOTTOM LINE – The Democrat Party’s lead over Republicans among black and Hispanic Americans, as well as all age groups, is shrinking. 

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