Energy Prices – A Bipartisan Worry

With continued inflation, Americans across party lines are expressing concerns about the impact spiking energy prices will have on their lives.   

When asked, “Which is more important to you, ensuring a stable, plentiful energy supply or combating climate change?” Forty-two percent ranked them at equal importance, while 34 percent chose energy security.  

In response to the second question, “How concerned are you that the European energy crisis will impact markets in the United States?” A remarkable 72 percent of both Democrats and Republicans and 63 percent of independents expressed strong or relatively strong anxiety that the European crisis would infect the United States.  

When asked the final question, “Have spikes in energy prices forced you to reduce spending on other things?” Americans yet again expressed bipartisan agreement with 75 percent of Republicans, 64 percent of Democrats, and 62 percent of independents responding “yes” to the question.  

With majority concerns across the board, this will be a dominant issue voters consider at the ballot box.