Huge drop in support from Republicans for sending aid to Ukraine 

A new Wall Street Journal survey found that more Republicans now oppose continuing to send aid to Ukraine than support it.  

  • This is an enormous shift in opinion since the war began in March.  

WHY IT MATTERS—With Republicans poised to gain control of the House and likely the Senate, aid to Ukraine may become a flash point of contention in 2023.  

THE NUMBERS—The new survey presents surprising statistics compared to a previous March survey.   

  • 48 percent of Republicans oppose sending more aid to Ukraine, compared to 35 percent who support sending more aid. This opposition is up 42 points from March.  
  • Just 17 percent of Republicans believe the U.S. is not sending enough aid to Ukraine, representing a 44-point decrease from the previous 61 percent who responded in March. 
  • Nearly 30 percent of all respondents said the U.S. is sending too much aid to Ukraine, a 6-point increase from March.  
  • Overall, 57 percent of respondents say they favor the U.S. sending additional financial aid to Ukraine, while 37 percent oppose the idea.  
  • A large majority of registered Democrats, 81 percent, support sending financial aid for Ukraine while 45 percent of independent respondents agree.  

ZOOM OUT—The U.S. has provided nearly $18 billion to Ukraine since its war with Russia began. Last month, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who would likely be elected Speaker if Republicans gain control of the House in the midterms, remarked that people would not support a “blank check” to Ukraine.   

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