Majority of Americans Agree: Higher Taxes and More Regulations Weaken Social Security and Medicare

America’s New Majority Project continues to produce valuable research and insight into what most Americans really want for our country.

President Joe Biden recently released his 2024 budget, which raises taxes by $5 trillion over 10 years. He is justifying it in part by saying the tax increases are necessary to stabilize Social Security and Medicare.

Our latest polling shows that we can win the argument that Biden’s tax increases will weaken Social Security and Medicare, not strengthen them. It also shows the best language to advocate for lower taxes and less burdensome regulations to strengthen the programs.  

Even a plurality of members from Biden’s own party agree with these messages.

For example:

·       70 percent agree that a strong and growing economy is more important to the long term health of Social Security and Medicare than raising taxes to keep up with the programs’ demands.

·       60 percent agree that tax increases and burdensome regulations hurt economic growth, and that weakens Social Security and Medicare.

You can read the full results and our analysis here.