Media Mania: Trust in Journalism at All-Time Low

Republicans and independent voters no longer trust the media to report the news fairly and accurately.

WHY IT MATTERS—Lack of trust in the news media makes it harder for Americans to have an agreed upon set of facts from which to reach common ground.    

THE NUMBERS—According to a new I&I/TIPP poll, 61 percent of Americans do not trust “traditional media” to report accurate news. This includes:  

  • 81 percent of Republicans  
  • 66 percent of Independents 
  • 42 percent of Democrats  

 “Alternative media” sources have even less trust, with 67 percent saying they have little to no trust in these platforms. This includes majorities of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats.  

CONTEXT MATTERS – Alternative news sources are typically associated with specific ideological points of view. Lack of trust for fairness or accuracy is not as damaging to alternative news sources as it is for traditional ones.  

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