More Americans Want to Work Hybrid Schedules

American businesses have been mandating that workers spend more time in the office. New data shows many workers now support hybrid schedules over remote work.

WHY IT MATTERS – Most workers seem to support returning to their offices in some form. Although support for remote-only work is decreasing, the increased support for hybrid work schedules indicates that working from home is part of the new norm for office-based jobs. 

THE NUMBERS – The Ipsos Consumer Tracker, which polled 1,119 American adults from Jan. 9 to Jan. 10, asked respondents where they were working:

  • Half of respondents, 50%-55%, only work in their offices. 
  • The other half was roughly split between remote and hybrid work. 

In past polls, slightly more respondents answered they worked remotely more than hybrid, until now: 

  • New data shows a 7-point shift in respondents working hybrid over remote. 

To see if this was indicative of a trend, Ipsos asked respondents if their opinion of the “right mix” of remote and office work had changed recently: 

  • 29% now want to work from home more often than before. 
  • 14% now want to work at the office more often than before. 

BOTTOM LINE – Some form of remote work, such as hybrid schedules, seem to be here to stay even after COVID-19 policies have ended. Hybrid work allows businesses to save costs with smaller offices and allows workers to spend more time being productive rather than commuting. 

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