More Expect Health Care and Other Essentials to Become More Expensive Under Biden than Under Trump

Most Americans say Biden’s policies have not helped them and believe health care and other essential goods and services would become more expensive during a second Biden term than during a second Trump term.

President Biden has made lowering health care costs – particularly prescription drugs – one of his signature issues. The results show that even on health care, on which Democrats tend to perform better than Republicans in polls, Biden is branded with higher costs and inflation.

Opponents of Biden and the Democrats’ government-centric approach to trying to control health care costs and inflation can confidently make the case that their policies aren’t working.  

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Report: Expectations of Health Care Prices Under Biden or Trump

Most Say Health Care and Other Essentials Have Become More Expensive Under Biden

  • 50% of Americans say prescription drugs have become more expensive under President Biden, and 59% say health insurance has become more expensive. Just 18% and 8% say they have become less expensive, respectively.
  • For context, 89% believe food and groceries have become more expensive and 82% believe housing has become more expensive.
  • Left Minority voters are the only group more likely to give Biden credit on prescription drugs, with 36% saying they have become less expensive and 30% saying they have stayed the same.  

More Expect Health Care and Other Essentials to Become More Expensive Under Biden than Trump

  • 53% of Americans believe health care prices will become more expensive under a second Biden term compared to just 45% who say the same about a second Trump term.
  • Voters are even more pessimistic about food and housing expenses under a second Biden term. 61% say food will become more expensive and 59% say housing will become more expensive. This is much more than expectations for higher prices under a second Trump term.

2-in-3 Say the Inflation Reduction Act Did Not Help Them

  • 66% of Americans say the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) did not help them. This includes 86% of Republicans, 45% of Democrats and 67% of swing voters.
  • 76% of New Majority voters say the IRA did not help them compared to 41% of Left Minority voters who say they were helped by the IRA.
  • 29% – a plurality – say politicians benefited the most from the IRA. 24% say they don’t know who benefited the most.