More than 8-in-10 Americans Say It Is Important to Speak English to be Truly American

The poll also finds Republicans tend to feel closer to their communities than Democrats or independents.

The vast majority of Americans, especially Republicans, believe it is important to speak English to be “truly American.”

WHY IT MATTERS – The findings suggest pro-English policies could draw bipartisan support.

THE NUMBERS – An Ipsos poll asked Americans about their sentiments toward community and America’s political institutions. It revealed the following:  

A large majority of Americans feel close to their community (70 percent), town (73 percent), state (71 percent), America (70 percent), and North America (70 percent). The results by political party follow:

  • 79 percent – Republicans
  • 69 percent – Democrats
  • 70 percent – Independents

Nearly three-in-five Americans are willing to move to another neighborhood or community to improve their work or living conditions. The results by political party regarding willingness to move outside the U.S. to achieve this follow:

  • 16 percent – Republicans 
  • 28 percent – Democrats 
  • 40 percent– Independents  

Most people feel it is important to respect America’s political institutions and laws (84 percent), speak English (82 percent), and feel American to be truly American (74 percent). Republicans overwhelmingly hold these sentiments with a respective 95 percent, 90 percent, and 88 percent breakdown from the poll.

THE BOTTOM LINE– Americans have a strong sense of community and part of that cohesion is speaking a common language – English. 

GO DEEPER - Most Americans feel close to their community, town, and state