Most Americans Favor the U.S. Government’s Ban on TikTok

Americans favor the proposed U.S. government ban on TikTok by a 2:1 margin.

WHY IT MATTERS In late March, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee about concerns over data privacy, which have put the Chinese-owned video-sharing app under increased scrutiny. 

A CHINA-BASED COMPANY The new survey also asked Americans if they were aware that TikTok is owned by the China-based company ByteDance 

  • More than 60 percent of Americans are aware that TikTok is owned by Byte Dance 

SUPPORT FOR THE BAN A new Pew Research Center survey asked Americans if they were in support of the United States Government banning TikTok.  

Ages 18-29 

  • 46 percent Oppose  
  • 29 percent Support  

Ages 30-49 

  • 25 percent Oppose  
  • 45 percent Support  

Ages 50-64 

  • 15 percent Oppose  
  • 54 percent Support  

Ages 65+  

  • 4 percent Oppose  
  • 71 percent Support  

Republican/ Lean Republican  

  • 19 percent Oppose  
  • 60 percent Support  

Democrat/ Lead Democrat 

  • 25 percent Oppose  
  • 43 percent Support  

SOCIAL MEDIA SKEPTICISM The new survey also asked Americans how confident they are that each type of social media company follows what their privacy policies say they will do with their personal information.   

Chinese Social Media Companies  

  • 59 percent Not at all confident  
  • 29 percent Not too confident  
  • 9 percent Somewhat confident  
  • 2 percent Very confident  

American Social Media Companies  

  • 32 percent Not at all confident  
  • 43 percent Not too confident  
  • 21 percent Somewhat confident  
  • 3 percent Very Confident  

BOTTOM LINEMore than twice the number of Americans support the U.S. government’s ban on TikTok than those who oppose it with over 60 percent of Americans aware that Byte Dance, a China-based company, owns TikTok. 


PEW RESEARCH CENTERBy more than two-to-one, Americans support U.S. government banning TikTok 

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