Most Americans Say Biden Wants Open Borders

Most Americans want secure borders for the United States, but most believe Biden and the Democrats want open borders and Donald Trump and the Republicans want closed borders.

Immigration consistently ranks as one of the most important issues for Americans, but the data show that neither party is perceived to be in line with most Americans – supportive of a controlled border with more legal immigration but less illegal immigration.

Given the public’s growing frustration with the high levels of illegal immigration, the issue still favors Trump and the Republicans, even if Americans see them as stricter on immigration than ideal.

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Americans Oppose Open Borders, Favor Legal Immigration

  • 54% say they want more legal but less illegal immigration, compared to 30% who say they want less legal and illegal immigration. This includes a majority or plurality of all voter groups.
  • 72% oppose open borders, including 54% who “strongly oppose.” This includes a majority of Democrat, black, Hispanic and a plurality of Gen Z voters.
  • All New Majority voter groups overwhelmingly oppose open borders, while Left Minority voters are split 42% support to 49% oppose.

Voters Want Secure Borders, But Don’t Believe That’s What Biden or Trump Prefer

  • 68% prefer secure borders for the United States, over 18% who prefer closed borders and 8% who prefer open borders.  This includes large majorities of all demographic, partisan, and ideological groups.
  • 54% say Biden prefers open borders for the United States, compared to 33% who say he prefers secure borders.
  • 49% say most Democrats in Washington prefer open borders, compared to 36% who say they prefer secure borders.
  • 58% say Trump prefers closed borders for the United States, compared to 34% who say he prefers secure borders.
  • 50% say Republicans in Washington prefer closed borders, compared to 36% who say they prefer secure borders.

Most Disagree with Biden Immigration Rhetoric

  • 57% of Americans agree that people who use the term “undocumented person” to refer to foreign born people in the United States without legal permission tend to prefer open borders. This includes a plurality of Democrat and Hispanic voters.
  • 58% disagree with President Biden than he should have called the alleged killer of Laken Riley an “undocumented person” instead of “an illegal.”  This included 52% of Hispanic voters.
  • There is a large ideological divide, with 72% of New Majority voters disagreeing with Biden’s use of “undocumented person” and 62% of Left Minority voters agreeing with it.
  • Most also disagree with President Biden that people in the U.S. illegally “built the country” and “are the reason our economy is growing.”

Most Oppose Biden’s Use of Humanitarian Parole

  • 58% agree that Biden is using the humanitarian parole program inappropriately after learning about the large increase in parolees under Biden compared to Barack Obama and Trump. This includes 58% of Hispanic and a plurality of Black and Democrat voters.
  • 69% say that the millions of people Biden has granted parole are most likely to stay in the U.S. illegally after their parole expires. This includes 59% of Democrat and 58% of Hispanic voters.

4-Point Increase in Those Who Say Biden Prefers Open Borders

  • After learning more about Biden’s humanitarian parole policies and his rhetoric about people in the country without legal permission, 58% say they believe President Biden prefers open borders for the United States. 31% say he prefers secure borders.
  • This 4-point overall increase primarily comes from women voters, 58% of whom say President Biden prefers open borders, up 7 points.  
  • After learning more, 74% of America’s New Majority voters say Biden prefers open borders, up 4 points. The largest increase comes from undecided and Democrat leaning New Majority voters.