Most Americans Support Family-Friendly Policies 

Americans across the political spectrum back policies aiding families with children. 

  • 75 percent of Americans support actions by Congress – including tax credits for families, after-school program funding, childcare subsidies for low-income families, and paid parental leave mandate. 

WHY IT MATTERS – Direct assistance to families with children is gaining support among Republicans, who are traditionally averse to more spending, as a way to counteract lowering birth rates and build appeal among working class families. 

IS THERE ENOUGH GOVERNMENT SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES? –A YouGov poll asked Americans what they thought there was enough government support available for families’ raising children in the U.S.  

  • 42 percent– Not enough  
  • 16 percent– Too much 
  • 30 percent– About the right amount  

WIDESPREAD SUPPORT FOR FAMILIY POLICIES – The poll asked Americans about 10 policies affecting families with children, including ones involving tax credits, childcare, paid leave, adoption, health care, and housing and found that:  

  • 77 percent support offering tax credits for families with children 
  • 76 percent support increasing funding for adoption and foster care services 
  • 75 percent support increasing funding for after-school programs 
  • 75 percent support increasing funding for health care for families with children 
  • 75 percent support providing childcare subsidies for low-income families 
  • 74 percent support expanding publicly funded pre-kindergarten programs 
  • 74 percent support increasing funding for affordable housing for families with children 
  • 74 percent support providing tax incentives for companies that offer family-friendly benefits 
  • 70 percent support requiring employers to offer paid parental leave for all working parents 
  • 67 percent support offering tax credits for families with a stay-at-home parent 

BOTTOM LINE – A majority of Americans support family-friendly policies especially those pertaining to paid leave and childcare subsidies.  


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