Most Say Trump and Republicans Oppose Senate Immigration Bill on its Merits

Most Americans believe Donald Trump and House Republicans opposed the Senate’s immigration bill on its merits, rather than to deny Joe Biden a win.

President Biden has tried to deflect criticism of his border policy by accusing Republicans of blocking the Senate immigration bill for political reasons. Poll results suggest this charge is not sticking.

Advocates for border security can confidently make the case that the Senate immigration bill was inadequate, harmful, and should not have been passed.

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Most Unfamiliar with Senate Immigration Bill

  • 36% say they are familiar with the immigration bill introduced in the Senate in February. Just 6% say they are “very familiar.”
  • Men say they are more familiar with the bill than women. Familiarity is similar among most demographic groups.
  • A plurality of voters say they don’t know if the bill would improve our immigration system or make it worse.
  • 35% – a plurality – say they don’t know if they support or oppose the Senate immigration bill. 55% of Republicans oppose the bill, while 48% of Democrats support it.

Most Believe Trump and Republicans Oppose the Senate Immigration Bill on the Merits

  • 55% say they believe Donald Trump and House Republicans oppose the Senate immigration bill on its merits. 35% say it is to deny President Biden a victory.
  • There is a significant partisan divide. 83% of Republicans say the bill is opposed on its merits while 61% of Democrats say it is opposed to deny Biden a victory.
  • There is also a substantial age divide, with older voters more skeptical about Trump and Republican motives than younger voters.