My Interview with Jeff Roe, Lead Consultant on Glenn Youngkin’s Campaign

I’d like to share a few thoughts with you as members of the American Majority Project.

First, I recently had a fascinating interview with Jeff Roe on my podcast, Newt’s World. Jeff was the lead consultant on Glenn Youngkin’s successful gubernatorial campaign in Virginia. In addition to discussing his experience in politics, Jeff does a great job explaining the Youngkin campaign’s strategy in Virginia and how it can be applied to future elections. 

Second, I hope you will enjoy Larry Kudlow’s latest column, The America we love will not accept big government socialism.  It is another example of how we are developing language and influencing the movement.

Third, our last round of focus groups was completed before Christmas.  We are currently preparing a comprehensive report on our findings for your review and feedback. Please expect to see an update in just a few days.  We will validate our findings in a national poll later this month.

2022 promises to be a big year. I am grateful for your support of the American Majority Project as we mobilize a movement to defeat Big Government Socialism and achieve common sense solutions to rebuild the America we love.

Your friend,

Newt Gingrich