Nearly 2-1 Americans Support Only Allowing the American Flag to be Flown Over Government Buildings

The American Majority Project is always developing new insights into how Americans perceive themselves in a changing world. Currently, we are tracking this evolution through polling and focus groups.

Our latest such poll showed that there is in fact, an American majority when it comes to advocating for only the American flag being flown over government buildings including United States consulates and embassies.

In a recent national survey from the American Majority Project conducted by Scott Rasmussen, 61 percent of voters favor (41 percent strongly and 20 somewhat) a proposal that would allow only the American flag to be flown in front of government buildings. Twenty-nine percent oppose this measure (15 percent somewhat, 14 percent strongly), with 11 percent not sure. That is a two-to-one majority.

Across every measured demographic group there was either majority or plurality support among those surveyed for this proposal. Across both genders (63 percent for men and 58 percent for women), every age group (including 56 percent among those 18-24), and every racial group (68 percent for Whites and 61 percent for Hispanics) except for Black Americans who had plurality support for the measure at 47 percent in favor. Alongside Republican support at 65 percent, majorities of Democrats (60 percent) and Independents (51 percent) support it as well. Also of note is that both Americans with and without a college degree are in agreement with 65 percent and 58 percent respectively backing the proposition.