Nearly 7 in 10 Voters Say There’s a Border “Crisis”

Americans are unhappy with the situation at the southern border and blame President Joe Biden.  

WHY IT MATTERS – The bipartisan outcry led President Biden to visit the border in January 2023 – nearly two years into his presidency.  

BY THE NUMBERS – A new Rasmussen Reports survey of 900 U.S. likely voters, conducted January 5 and 8-9, 2023, asked participants if they consider “the current situation with migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border a crisis.” 

  • 69 percent said they believe there is a crisis.  
  • 19 percent said they do not think the situation constitutes a crisis. 
  • 12 percent were not sure. 

The survey then asked respondents if they agreed the crisis was caused “because the Biden Administration has refused to enforce immigration laws and finish the border wall.” 

  • 62 percent of all respondents “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree” that the border crisis is a result of Biden’s inaction. 

Among just those voters who consider the border situation a crisis,  

  • 68 percent “strongly” agree that President Biden is to blame.  
  • 10 percent “somewhat” agree.  

The survey also asked voters to “rate the way President Biden is handling issues related to immigration.” 

  • 51 percent said they think Biden’s handling of immigration is “poor.”  
  • 15 percent called President Biden’s handling of immigration “fair.”  
  • 30 percent of respondents rated President Biden’s handling of immigration issues “good” or “excellent.” 

BOTTOM LINE – Americans see the crisis at the border as a result of President Biden’s lack of enforcement of immigration laws and incompletion of the border wall. 


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