Nearly two-thirds of voters blame Biden for high energy policies

Americans overwhelmingly believe we will rely more on fossil fuels the next decade than other sources of energy. They also want the U.S. to pursue energy independence even if it involves oil and gas.

WHY IT MATTERS: With inflation at a staggering 8.2%, the energy priorities of most Americans are starkly different from those of the Biden administration, which has taken steps to limit domestic oil and gas development while asking foreign countries to increase their production.

BY THE NUMBERS: a new poll by TIPP finds…

  • 63 percent of American consumers directly blame President Biden “a great deal” or “some” for the increase in gas prices.
  • 76 percent of Americans agree that the United States should pursue energy independence even if it means relying on domestic fossil fuels.
    • This includes 75% of Democrats, 85% of Republicans and 70% of Independents.
  • Over 70% of Americans believe we will rely on oil and natural gas “a lot” or “quite a bit” over the next decade, compared to just 62% and less for other sources of energy.

ZOOM OUT: As we are quickly approaching the midterm election, Democrats risk suffering large losses due to high energy costs and the perception they are focused on the wrong priorities.


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