New Hampshire Voters Strongly Support Parental Rights in Education

New Hampshire voters overwhelmingly believe parents should have the final say in their child’s education and support transparency requirements for schools.  

WHY IT MATTERS – Policies and curriculum concerning sex, gender, and race has become a flashpoint of controversy in recent years.  

  • New Hampshire Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, who is considering running for President, was instrumental in killing a Parent’s Rights bill to “direct the education and care of his or her minor” last year, claiming it could violate state anti-discrimination laws.  

GRANITE STATE DISCONNECT – However, a NH Journal and co/efficient poll of New Hampshire voters showed that the provisions of the bill are broadly popular:  

  • 59 percent said parents should have the final say in their children’s education (32 percent said teachers) 
  • 80 percent said parents should make decisions regarding their children’s health at school, including 63 percent of Democrats (14 percent said school officials should make the decisions) 
  • 82 percent said parents should have the right to review curriculum (13 percent say they should not) 
  • 78 percent said parents have a right to know their children’s sex and gender behavior at school (13 percent say they do not) 

The poll also asked about a proposal to give parents the right to vote to remove school principals and administrators.  

  • 68 percent support 
  • 26 percent oppose 

IN CONTEXT – The results mirror similar national surveys.