New Insights in How the American People are Dealing with Today’s Challenges

The American Majority Project is developing new insights into how the American people are changing as they deal with a wide range of challenges.  Currently, we are tracking this evolution through polling and focus groups.

In fact, we recently conducted a national poll to help us better understand where voters stand on the issues — including issues on which a broad majority of Republicans, Democrats and Independents agree. We also heard from 16 focus groups, including Chinese-American and Indian-American voters.

Iā€™d like to share some recent updates with you.

First, given the enormous spending in response to COVID-19 ā€“ and more spending being proposed by U.S. Congress ā€“ we are conducting research into voter attitudes about balancing the federal budget.

Our new poll found that 70% of voters support a Balanced Budget Amendment and 73% support the same approach we used in the 1990s to balance the federal budget for four straight years. You can read the results here.

Second, building an American Majority will require attracting voters from all generations. One of the key concerns for young voters is climate change. We spoke to 18ā€“24 year-olds earlier this month about the type of approach they want to see from our government in response to climate change. We found that while they absolutely want action, these young voters favor a much more practical approach than many on the Left. Learn more here.

Finally, given recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state governments that prioritize access to COVID-19 treatments for non-whites, we decided to see whether Americans support racial preferences when it comes to access to health care, education, jobs, and government services. The result shows how deeply unpopular racial preferences are among the American people. You can see the results of our poll here.

We will continue to add more information at, and I urge you to share this information with your friends.

Thank you for your membership in the American Majority Project.  I look forward to hearing from you.   

Your friend,

Newt Gingrich

P.S.  In a week or two I will send you a special report on balancing the budget – which was done for four straight years starting in 1998!