Over 75% of U.S. Voters Want Businesses to Avoid Political Involvement

Most American voters say they want businesses to stay out of politics. 

WHY IT MATTERS – Bipartisan resistance to corporate political agendas serves as warning to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) advocates. 

NO POLITICS, JUST BUSINESS– A recent poll for Convention of States Action conducted by The Trafalgar Group asked individuals if they would be more or less likely to do business with a company that stayed politically neutral and tolerated viewpoints of employees and customers across the board. The response was clear. 

  • 78.8 percent – more likely  
  • 10.1 percent – less likely  

REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS AGREE – There was little partisan difference in the responses.  

  • 82 percent of Republicans –more likely 
  • 77 percent of Democrats – more likely 

BOTTOM LINE – U.S. voters widely agree that companies should avoid getting involved in politics, with a strong bipartisan consensus for businesses to remain apolitical in their operations. 


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