Poll Reveals Americans Favor a Freeze on Chinese-Owned Property

In the aftermath of the Chinese spy balloon that floated across the country for seven days, Americans are starting to think twice about Chinese involvement in our domestic affairs.  

WHY IT MATTERS – According to the USDA, approximately 383,000 acres of U.S. farmland is controlled by Chinese landowners. Some of the land is located fewer than 15 miles from critical military and intelligence facilities.  

A poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group asked participants: 

 “In light of the Chinese spy balloon, do you think the United States should put a freeze on any construction on or deliveries to/from Chinese owned property near U.S. Military installations?”  

  • Yes – 76.3 percent  
  • No – 23.7 percent 

When asked to Democrats, 

  • Yes – 64 percent 
  • No – 36 percent  

When asked to Republicans, 

  • Yes – 89 percent 
  • No – 11 percent 

When asked to No Party/Other, 

  • Yes – 75 percent  
  • No – 25 percent  

THE BOTTOM LINE – Bipartisan concerns about mass surveillance and national security have risen dramatically. The spy balloon incident raised red flags about Chinese-owned land near military properties.