Most Adults Support Banning TikTok on Government Devices

February 21, 2024

While the public is split on a broader TikTok ban in the United States, there is greater support for a narrower ban on government devices.

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Americans Want Less Corrupt, More Accountable Government

February 11, 2024

Americans are most likely to say Congress and elected officials are the biggest obstacles to getting America back on track.

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Democrats Losing Support Among Black, Hispanic, and Young Americans  

February 8, 2024

Democratic support among black and Hispanic Americans has plummeted in the past three years, marking the steepest decline this century.

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Widespread Voter Consensus on ‘Border Security First’ Approach to Illegal Immigration

February 4, 2024

74% of voters agree with a ‘border security first’ approach to illegal immigration that would prioritize securing the border and fixing our immigration laws before deciding what to do with illegal immigrants already in the country.

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Americans Lack Confidence in the Economy 

February 2, 2024

Many Americans still struggle with worsening economic conditions.

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Few Americans Know How Much Their Health Care Costs 

February 1, 2024

Most Americans want more price and quality transparency in health care.

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Americans Concerned About Political Bias in Higher Education

January 28, 2024

More than 8-in-10 Americans agree the goal of a university should be to prepare students for future jobs, not to encourage them to be political activists.

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Poll: Most Voters Do Not Feel the System Works for Them

January 25, 2024

After the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, Donald Trump seems poised to win the Republican nomination by a massive margin. Voter sentiment towards the political establishment might show why. 

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More Americans Want to Work Hybrid Schedules

January 24, 2024

American businesses have been mandating that workers spend more time in the office. New data shows many workers now support hybrid schedules over remote work.

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Americans Losing Trust in Nearly All Professions

January 24, 2024

Trust in institutions has decreased across the board in recent years and shows no signs of changing. Respondents continue to feel that elites and professionals do not have Americans’ best interests in mind.

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