Most say Religion is Important in Their Lives

April 17, 2023

Americans view religion as an important part of their daily lives, even if most don’t regularly attend services. 

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New Poll Finds Majority of Americans Want Energy Independence

April 13, 2023

A new YouGov poll reveals that there is bipartisan agreement that the U.S. should strive to be energy independent.

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Most Americans Oppose Recent Bank Bailouts

April 12, 2023

Most Americans oppose the FDIC making exceptions to bail out big depositors if a banking crisis were to take place.  

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Many Turn to Side Hustles to Make Ends Meet

April 11, 2023

The rising costs of living are causing many to explore so-called “side hustles” (second jobs with flexible hours and demands) in order to support themselves and their families.  

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American’s Concerns Over Economy and Drug-Use Worsen, Climate Worries Subside

April 6, 2023

Americans’ biggest concerns are the economy, health care affordability and crime, according to a recent Gallup poll.  

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Majority of Americans Want Terrorist Designation for Mexican Drug Cartels 

April 5, 2023

Sens. Rick Scott and Roger Marshall reintroduced the Drug Cartel Terrorist Designation Act, which would give federal law enforcement additional power to fight back against drug cartels by formally designating them as Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

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Most Americans Favor the U.S. Government’s Ban on TikTok

April 4, 2023

Americans favor the proposed U.S. government ban on TikTok by a 2:1 margin.

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Most Americans Believe Government Spending is Too High

March 30, 2023

Large majorities of Americans believe the government taxes and spends too much, which hurts the private sector.  

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Americans Favor Constitutional Amendment on Term Limits for Members of Congress

March 24, 2023

A recent study by the University of Maryland has discovered that five in six Americans favor a constitutional amendment to execute term limits on Members of Congress. 

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Majority of Americans Agree: Higher Taxes and More Regulations Weaken Social Security and Medicare

March 22, 2023

Large majorities of Americans – including Democrats – agree that a strong economy is vital to the long-term health of Social Security and Medicare.

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