Voters Alarmed by Move Toward Socialism in U.S.

October 17, 2022

Most Americans believe the United States is moving toward socialism, and they’re not happy about it.  

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Video: What Trends Are Emerging Among Hispanic Voters?  

October 14, 2022

In this new video, the Winston Group and Winning the Issues explain some of the underlying trends that are causing Hispanics to leave the Democratic Party.

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Proxy Threat

October 13, 2022
ANMP Proxy Vote

Americans overwhelmingly believe proxy voting is a threat to democracy and want a return to rules requiring members of Congress vote in person.

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Mental Health Crisis? Americans Say “Yes.”

October 12, 2022

According to a survey conducted by CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation, 90 percent of adults in the United States say the country is experiencing a mental health crisis.  

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Energy Prices – A Bipartisan Worry

October 11, 2022

With continued inflation, Americans across party lines are expressing concerns about the impact spiking energy prices will have on their lives.   

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New Survey Shows Parents Want to Be Involved in Their Children’s Education 

October 10, 2022

A movement has begun for parents to be involved in their children’s education.  

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Losing Our “Government of the People…”

October 7, 2022

A new poll shows Americans think our government fails to achieve the ideal set forth by Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address.

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Most Think Social Media Companies Are Biased

October 6, 2022

Americans don’t believe social media company claims that they are neutral platforms.  

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Invasion at the Border? Americans Weigh In 

October 5, 2022

A new survey shows most Americans consider the crisis at the border to be an invasion of the United States and want military action to stop it.  

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Workers Feeling the Pinch

October 4, 2022

71 percent of American workers say inflation is outpacing their salary.  

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