Record-High Bipartisan Concern Over U.S. Support for Ukraine

An ABC News/Washington Post poll finds 4-in-10 Americans criticize U.S. aid to Ukraine 

There is growing bipartisan concerns about continuing spending to aid Ukraine 

WHY IT MATTERS – Ukraine funding is a major point of contention in the debate over the spending bills and could be one of the factors that lead to a government shutdown.  

THE NUMBERS – An ABC News/Washington Post poll from Sept. 15 – Sept. 20, asked Americans if the United States is doing too much to support Ukraine. It revealed the following: 

  • 41% say the U.S. is doing too much, up from 33% in February 
  • 50% say the U.S. is doing the right amount or too little, down from 60% in February 

Record-high concerns about excessive U.S. support for Ukraine cross party lines: 

  • 22% of Democrats/Democrat-leaning independents, up by 8 points  
  • 58% of Republicans/Republican-leaning independents, up by 7 points 

The growing concerns have increased among liberals, moderates, and conservatives, but chiefly among conservatives: 

  • 17% of liberals, up by 2 points 
  • 37% of moderates, up by 5 points 
  • 62% of conservatives, up by 13 points 

THE BOTTOM LINE – There is a growing bipartisan unease among Americans who believe the United States is doing too much to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. 

GO DEEPER – 4 in 10 now criticize US aid to Ukraine