Record Low Say Now Good Time to Buy Home

Only 21 percent of Americans believe now is a good time to buy a home. 

  • This marks a significant decline of nine points compared to last year and a staggering 32-point drop from 2021.

WHY IT MATTERSThe value of a home carries significant implications for both the housing market and the broader economic landscape. The decline in the number of Americans who perceive it as a favorable time to purchase a house suggests a possible slowdown in the real estate sector, which can impact property values, construction activity, consumer spending, and overall economic growth.

THE NUMBERSA recent Gallup poll asked respondents questions concerning the value of their home rising. 

  • 56 percent believe that their home values will rise in the coming years
  • 25 percent believe that their home values will stay the same in the coming years
  • 19 percent believe that their home values will decrease in the coming years

The following respondents believe the home values in their area will increase. 

  • 45 percent rural respondents
  • 57 percentsuburban residents 
  • 64 percentcity residents 
  • 55 percent Western residents
  • 61 percentSouthern residents 
  • 62 percent Eastern residents 
  • 45 percent Midwestern residents 

BOTTOM LINE Fewer Americans now than since 1978 believe it is a good time to buy a house due to the soaring housing prices, which are causing the Federal Reserve to try to tame inflation. 


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