Restoring the America that Works with the Support of the New American Majority

Note: For detailed analysis of the makeup of the New American Majority, read our report here.


  1. Talk about a New American Majority – not a Republican majority. Plan, think, and act for the American Majority.
  2. The emerging New American Majority requires base broadening rather than base mobilization strategies. As the data shows, there is a vastly larger majority emerging than Republicans have been used to appealing to for the last 90 years. Reaching ALL of that majority requires new thinking about policy development, language, scheduling, and coalition building.
  3. The current crises of the American system from failing education; to baby formula shortages; to rising crime rates; to surging gasoline, diesel, and heating oil prices; to an open and uncontrolled border; to an assault on American values by a Big Government Socialist-woke left coalition requires big solutions. The solutions require broad support to force change on a hostile establishment and sustain it despite vicious and ferocious attacks.
  4. The American people are frustrated and in pain. They want a movement dedicated to practical workable solutions that will improve their lives. The New American Majority will grow by delivering better results than the Big Government Socialist-woke left coalition – and then explaining the results as fundamental differences in principle rather than personal capabilities.
  5. It is essential to remember that politics is the prelude to governing. Great majority of coalitions (Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Reagan) exist because they use political momentum to create governing solutions that improve people’s lives and achieve goals people strongly support.
  6. It is essential to stay positive and focused on cultural and political issues on which the New American Majority can agree. The establishment will do everything it can to draw us into fights that distract us from the areas in which our New American Majority will dominate. They will also seek to focus on every bit of gossip, internal tension, or other distraction to minimize our ability to communicate with the American Majority about issues that bring us together and motivate us to win. Irrelevant or trivial noise is the enemy of growing a majority. Clarity, consistency, and firmness of purpose are the keys to attracting, educating, and holding together a New American Majority.
  7. This New American Majority grows out of the people’s desire for a better future –and a more stable value system. So, it is essential for those who would lead the majority to be constantly listening to the American people and trying to learn how they are thinking through and responding to the extraordinary pressures of our time.


The American people realize that virtually everything – from energy, to crime, to the border, to food, to education, and beyond – is simply not working.

Eighty-seven percent of the American people support the concept that we must restore the America that works.

That massive support is the beginning of a pattern that could become a New American Majority.

This is not a new Republican majority. This is a New American Majority. This follows the tradition of President Ronald Reagan’s constant appeal to Democrats and Independents as well as Republicans, which is the origin of Reagan Democrats (most of whom later became Republicans).

This concept of an America that works expresses itself in a common set of core values that unites 70 percent to 90 percent of voters. Those in the New American Majority strongly believe leadership and principles guided by these values will restore an America that works for all Americans.

For example:

  • 91 percent agree with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. that the content of our character should matter more than the color of our skin.
  • 91 percent favor equal treatment regardless of race when it comes to education, jobs, health care, and government services.
  • 88 percent of Americans agree that America is a good country.
  • 87 percent support health care price transparency to control costs and increase access to health care.
  • 85 percent support requiring all voters to show a photo ID before casting a ballot.
  • 84 percent believe the founding ideals of America are something worth fighting for.
  • 84 percent believe that parents should be able to see all curriculum plans and material for classes their children take.
  • 83 percent prefer to identify themselves as Americans rather than by their racial or ethnic backgrounds.
  • 79 percent believe that people who believe in the values found in the Bible have the right to express them publicly.
  • 75 percent believe we should fix health care by putting patients and doctors in charge instead of insurance companies and big government.
  • 75 percent agree that there are only two genders, male and female.
  • 74 percent believe able bodied adults should have to work to receive taxpayer-funded benefits such as food stamps, health care, or welfare.
  • 74 percent believe ensuring equality, or equal treatment and opportunities for all races and genders, is more important than ensuring equity, or equal results and outcomes for all races and genders.
  • 71 percent believe legal immigration is good for America, while 73 percent believe illegal immigration is bad for the country.
  • 70 percent believe the drug cartels operating at the southern border should be designated as terrorist groups.

This New American Majority presents historic opportunities in 2022, 2024, and 2026 to expand the Republican brand and dramatically broaden our base.

Our study suggests that 62 percent of Americans are already supportive of Republican candidates who fight for the right issues with the right language. There is a 25 percent bloc of hardcore Big Government Socialists who we will never attract, but there remains a battleground of 13 percent of Americans – many of whom could be persuaded to join the New American Majority some of the time on some issues.

The Right Issues & Language

We have tested a 24-item slate of policies and ideas to see how adding the word Republican affects issues with strong general majorities. Republican candidates can focus on championing positive policies to attract and assemble the New American Majority. Here are some of the highlights, which we found incredibly encouraging.

  • 70 percent would support Republican candidates who believe the best way to combat inflation, improve the economy, and make things more affordable is to put more money back in the pockets of workers and families by providing tax relief and creating jobs and better salaries by incentivizing businesses and helping small businesses grow.
  • 69 percent would support Republicans who put in place tougher penalties for criminals who commit theft, property destruction, and violent or sexual crimes.
  • 69 percent also would vote for Republicans who support a common-sense, diversified approach to domestic energy production that includes nuclear power, clean coal, oil and natural gas production, and renewable energy production from solar and wind to ensure energy independence and security, reliable energy service, and more stable and affordable prices.
  • 68 percent would support Republicans who believe the government should allow for more health care choices, so Americans can personalize their health care coverage to fit their specific medical and financial needs – and those who think we should reduce health care costs and improve quality by making price and outcomes more transparent.
  • 67 percent would support Republicans who will combat crime and drugs by fully-funding law enforcement to ensure they receive better training and have all the necessary resources to keep us safe.
  • By 59 percent to 16 percent, Americans favor free market capitalism over Big Government Socialism.

Importantly, our polling explicitly asked if voters would support Republicans who championed these policies. We learned there are large numbers of young Americans (Gen Y, Millennials, and Gen Z) and large numbers of Black, Hispanic, and Asian voters who support these ideas – and would support Republicans if we used the right language and committed to serious outreach.

What Now?

There are clear, developed, and positive issues and solutions that the New American Majority will support and will move us toward restoring an America that works for all Americans.

If Republicans can unite as a party around these issues, commit to using this language – and work with and communicate with every element of the American people – Republicans could win a majority in 2022 that would dwarf anything we were able to do in 1994 or 2010. If they follow through with these solutions, they could create a governing majority – and prosperity for Americans – unlike anything we have seen in our history.

But, to do that, we must stay focused on our solutions and not get dragged into the Democrats and news media’s efforts to distort and confuse the debate. We must always remember that the politics of everyday life are vastly more important than the politics of Washington.

Then, Republicans must work together to begin moving toward the America that works if they are to win in 2024.

All of our polling and focus group information is available in the polling section of this website.

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