Ross Barkan: How New York Went Red 

While a Red Wave did not sweep America in the 2022 midterms as expected, New York did shift to the right.  

  • Republicans won nearly every single closely called congressional seat in New York despite its historically strong Democrat identity.

WHY IT MATTERS: The Republican margin in the House of Representatives is expected to be narrow. Republican success in New York was key to retaking the majority.  

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Ross Barkan is a writer focusing on New York politics. He lays out why New York felt the red wave more than most of the country:  

  • The Democrat New York State Senate was unable to redraw congressional lines in its favor due to a deadlocked redistricting commission.
  • Democrats ignored or dismissed their constituents’ concerns over crime, and Republicans were able to take advantage.  
  • Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul did not offer a compelling reason for her election, barely mentioning future plans apart from protecting abortion rights.

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