Strong Support for Allowing Local Police to Arrest Illegal Immigrants

Americans strongly support empowering – and even requiring – local law enforcement to combat illegal immigration.  

WHY IT MATTERS—Immigration law is primarily enforced by the federal government. Many localities have adopted “sanctuary” policies that prevent local law enforcement from asking about immigration status. These policies are now under fire due to high illegal immigration and high-profile crimes committed by illegal immigrants.  

THE NUMBERS— An America’s New Majority Project poll from March 23-26 revealed bipartisan support for allowing local police to enforce immigration law: 

Respondents were asked if there should be laws that require police officers to check the immigration status of arrested criminals so illegals can be detained for deportation. This was supported by: 

  • 95% of Republicans 
  • 84% of Independents 
  • 84% of Swing Voters 
  • 71% of Democrats 

Respondents were also asked if state and local police should have the power to arrest illegal immigrants for their immigration status alone. This was supported by: 

  • 90% of Republicans 
  • 66% of Independents 
  • 69% of Swing Voters 
  • Democrats were evenly split: 45% supported, 45% opposed 

The Left Minority takes the opposite side of the New Majority: 

  • 53% opposed allowing local police to arrest immigration law violators. 

However, the New Majority and Left Minority both agree local law enforcement should check the immigration status of suspected illegal aliens: 

  • 88% of New Majority and 72% of Left Minority supported local police checking the immigration statuses of arrested criminals 

BOTTOM LINE— Americans want illegal immigration solved, and giving local police the power to detain illegal aliens for violating immigration law would make it easier for federal authorities to track, arrest, and deport offenders.