Thanksgiving 2021: What are Americans thankful for? | YouGov

With the coronavirus pandemic having dominated the year once again, as we approach Thanksgiving, nearly nine in 10 American adults (88%) in the latest Economist/YouGov Poll say they are feeling thankful this year. The vast majority saying they are just as thankful or even more thankful than they were a year ago. 

What are Americans appreciative of this year? To find out, YouGov asked its members to say in their own words what they are thankful for this year. Those open-end responses (many of whom listed multiple reasons to be thankful) were sorted into categories and then weighted to be representative of all U.S. adult citizens. 

Two in five mentioned being thankful for family (41%), with one-third (33%) listing their health and the health of their family and friends as a reason to be grateful this year. About one in five (19%) are simply glad to be alive for another year. Many specifically mentioned gratitude that their family has survived – or not contracted – COVID-19. About 2% expressly note being thankful for COVID-19 vaccines.